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Copyrights protect creative works fixed in a tangible medium by not only enjoining unlawful copying and distribution but also awarding substantial statutory financial remedies for infringement.

Although recorded songs and artwork come to mind when most of us think of copyright, the scope of what constitutes a “creative work” is far more extensive than many realize. Companies invest time and money creating manuals, designing web forms, drafting copy for online content, marketing materials, software code, and a myriad of other useful works that warrant protection against unauthorized copying and distribution. Written policies unambiguously identifying “works for hire,” addressing misuse of protected content, and related issues can deter employees who, sometimes unwittingly, misappropriate this material. Such policies, when properly distributed and followed, are a necessary backstop for personnel actions. And, of course, it is useful to determine whether any of the company’s creative works should be registered with the Copyright Office.

Moreover, copyright law is, arguably, the least well-defined, most subjective, and most fluid area of intellectual property law.

IPath IP provides copyright services, whether filing a simple registration application or creating a full copyright protection program for your company. We can advise, draft or work with you to create enforceable staff and employee policies, obtain federal copyright registrations where necessary, and generally help you address or prevent unauthorized copying and distribution of your valuable and protected creative works.   

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