Intellectual Property Management Services

We provide a suite of services to assist with developing and managing all aspects of your intellectual property, domestically and globally. Every company has different goals and challenges. We provide specific services and support tailored to your unique situation.

Intellectual Property Strategy & Counseling

Although filing a patent application is often (but not always!) an essential step, protecting an invention never begins and ends here. As you built a company around your innovations, it is critical to promptly identify and decide how to protect all aspects of your intellectual property.

Patent Drafting and Prosecution

A patent application consists of a written Specification, Drawings, Claims, and a very short Abstract summarizing the invention. Claims precisely define the metes and bounds–the extent of protection–for your claimed invention. As such, skilled claim writing is critical and every word is important.

Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Filings & Coordination

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (“PCT”) provides a forum under which an applicant can file for patent protection in multiple countries, including the United States, based on a single application.

Copyright Services

Copyrights protect creative works fixed in a tangible medium by not only enjoining unlawful copying and distribution but also awarding substantial statutory financial remedies for infringement.

Need help with your IP? Let's talk...

You have created something beneficial and new. Let’s discuss legal and other practical aspects involved with protecting, developing, and monetizing your brainchild. Although I cannot provide legal advice to non-clients, I can schedule a fully confidential virtual meeting where we can discuss legal and business aspects of bringing a medical device or biotechnology product to market and answer general questions related to your concept.

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