Intellectual Property Strategy & Counseling

Intellectual Property Strategy & Counseling

Although filing a patent application is often (but not always!) an essential step, protecting an invention never begins and ends here. As you build a company around your innovations, it is critical to promptly identify and decide how to protect all aspects of your intellectual property. This can rapidly become expensive. Consequently, deciding on a rational and comprehensive value-focused IP strategy is very important.

From developing a portfolio of utility and design patents, decisions regarding protection in overseas markets, applicable trade secret policies, branding activities including trademarks and trade dress, copyrights for a variety of generated media, and a host of due-diligence activities–we can help you decide if, when, where, and how to invest your budgeted resources at the earliest possible time.

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You have created something beneficial and new. Let’s discuss legal and other practical aspects involved with protecting, developing, and monetizing your brainchild. Although I cannot provide legal advice to non-clients, I can schedule a fully confidential virtual meeting where we can discuss legal and business aspects of bringing a medical device or biotechnology product to market and answer general questions related to your concept.

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